Paint and Coatings Inspection Services


British Gas ERS (TWI) Approvals No. 8222
Painting Inspector Grade 2 - 1984 (current)
Site Coatings Inspector - 1985
Front-end Welding Inspector - 1986
Senior Painting Inspector - 1987
IYT International Watchkeeper/Flotilla Skipper - Power
Cert No. FSS0574 - 2008

Summary of Experience

Since 1984 I have been employed in various Inspection and Supervisory positions for a number of major companies in the field of protective coatings. These inlcude: Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding (notably owners representative during construction of the Queen Mary 2); British Gas, Conoco (UK) Ltd., Saudi Aramco, Frontline Tanker Management, NGSCO, Chevron Ship Management, Sigma Paints, Jotun Paints, Hemples Paints, Royal Chemicals and Aker Kvaerner.

I have worked in numerous overseas locations. These include: Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Singapore, USA, Mexico, Silicy, Malta, Portugal, San Juan, Holland, Germany, France, Greece and Norway. I have also worked extensively throughout the UK.

My experience includes: Offshore Module and Jacket Construction; Marine New-Buildings, Refits and Dry-dockings, Ballast and Cargo Tanks refurbishment, Internal Ballast Line and Tank Surveys, FPSO refits, Pipeline Construction (on/offshore), LNG Plants, and AGI Maintenence.

I have also carried out Surveys and authored subsequent Expert Witness Reports for a number of international clients. Invariably resulting in successful conflict resolution without need for costly Litigation. Notably - Trelleborg Marine Systems Dubai - re. Port of Sohar, Oman.

Additional Info

Having spent a considerable number of years working directly as a Technical Representative for major coating manufactures I am able to offer expert advice prior to the selection of any proposed Painting Systems/ Specifications. Painting Systems proposed by Paint Manufactures are often specified to a standard which may be unsuitable in meeting a client’s requirements due to today's highly competitive tendering between coating manufactures. Conversely a paint system recommended by a coatings manufacture may be over and above that which may be practically required, again, due to ‘sales’ having taken precedence over actual technical requirements. This not only results in the additional cost of unneeded materials. But also costs associated with unnecessary and often excessive applications and surface preparations.

Engaging my services at pre-contract stage will invariably result in considerable savings in both cost and down time.

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Employment - Brief History


Freelance Marine Painting Inspector - Representing International Ship Management Companies. Overseeing marine cargo and ballast tank refurbishment projects and dry-dockings in Singapore, Thailand and China. Also coating surveys and independent expert witness reports for a number of international clients. Inc. Fentek, Dubai - re. Port of Sohar.


Aker Kvaerner / Kaefer. Paint Field Engineer - Job setting using MIPS (Material Integrated Production System) during hook-up of Snovit LNG Plant at Hammerfest - Norway.

NGSCO, Abu Dhabi - Inspection and repair of internal ballast line coatings/steelwork during dry-docking of NGSCO LNG Tankers - Dubai.


Hemple Paints UK Limited. Freelance Coatings Advisor/Inspector - Supervising refits of RFA vessels and attending dry-dockings in UK yards.


Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding. Paint/Coatings Inspector - Construction of the Queen Mary 2 at Chantiers de l'Atlantique, France. (Responsible for all aspects of coatings including - tanks, hull, interior, and deck coatings.)